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MIFT Dept. (Math, Informatics, Physics and Earth Sciences)
University of Messina
Email: ale [at]
Phone: +39-090-676.5505
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I am Associate Professor of Informatics in the University of Messina and affiliated to GNCS and the "Big Data" Laboratory at CINI (pending).
I am (or have been) adjunct member of the Graduate Faculty at University of Texas-El Paso and Virginia Commonwealth University.

In 2010 I was long-term visitor at Oxford-Man Institute for Quantitative Finance.
Since 2014 I am on the editorial review board of the Int'l Jour. of Information Technology and Web Engineering.

Research interests

Currently my main research falls at the boundary between Web data extraction, Network Science , Data Science and Computational Social Science. With my co-authors recently I have examined the strenght of weak ties theory by the American sociologist Mark Granovetter and have proposed an actualization of the theory that is suitable for today's large, electronically-mediated social networks. Our results have been published on the November issue of Communications of the ACM.


I have an extensive teaching portfolio, both at the undergraduate (ug) and graduate (g) level. I have been teaching classes in Italian (undergraduate and masters, Parma, Milan and Messina), English (bachelor and masters, UTEP) and Spanish (doctoral level, La Coruna, Spain and UPCBA, Argentina) Please see my teaching page (in Italian)
Or alternatively my institutional page (in Italian)

What's new?

    On Dec. 18th I was glad to host the homecoming seminar of Andrea Cuttone, now PhD student at Denmark Technical University.


  • Principal Investigator, EU FP7-2012-ICT-WG Working group WASP, which included 12 universities from 9 EU countries.




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Selected ``Top 7'' Recent Publications

  • P. De Meo, E. Ferrara, G. Fiumara, and A. Provetti, 2015.
    On Facebook, most ties are weak.
    Communications of the ACM, Vol. 57:11, pp. 78--84.

  • S. Agreste, P. De Meo, E. Ferrara, S. Piccolo A. Provetti, 2015.
    Trust Networks: Topology, Dynamics and Measurements.
    IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 19:6, pp. 26--35.

  • S. Agreste, P. De Meo, E. Ferrara, S. Piccolo, and A. Provetti, 2015.
    Analysis of a heterogeneous social network of humans and cultural objects.
    IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems, Vol. 45:4, pp. 559--570.

  • B. Bonasera, E. Ferrara, G. Fiumara, F. Pagano and A. Provetti, 2015.
    Adaptive search over sorted sets.
    Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Vol. 30, pp. 128-133.

  • P. De Meo, E. Ferrara, G. Fiumara, and A. Provetti, 2014.
    Mixing local and global information for community detection in large networks.
    J. of Computer and System Sciences, Vol. 80:1, pp. 72--87.

  • P. De Meo, E. Ferrara, G. Fiumara, and A. Provetti, 2013.
    Enhancing community detection using a network weighting strategy.
    Information Sciences, Vol. 222, pp. 648--668.

  • S. Costantini, G. De Gasperis, A. Provetti and P. Tsintza, 2013.
    A Heuristic Approach to Proposal-Based Negotiation.
    Mathematical Problems in Engineering, article no. 896312.

Invited Talks/Guest Lectures

PhD Supervision

Conferences (Program Committees)


  • EATCS (Italian Chapter)

  • GRIN (Italian Association for Logic Programming)

  • GRIN(Italian association of Computer Science professors)



Address: Dept. of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences, University of Messina.
Viale F. Stagno d'Alcontres, 31.
I-98168 Messina
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